Advancing Data Quality

Work Package 2

Objective: In this workpackage we will do research on increasing the quality and usability of climate services. The research questions we will address are shown in Fig 2. We will address these research questions specifically for different indicators (e.g. 50-year return period flood, mean annual snow maximum) and different locations and address the whole climate impact modelling chain from choice of reference data used to describe today’s climate, via climate models, adjustment methods and impact modelling.

Fig 2. Conceptual figure showing how research questions will address all aspects of the climate impact modelling chain leading to new ‘best-practice’ for impact studies.

The objectives are to:
(a) Develop new set of metrics targeted to characterize reference data, climate model (CM), hydrological model (HM) and delta-change/bias-correction (DC/BC) method performance in simulating change in indicators
(b) Create a framework for calibration, evaluation and selection of ensemble members (both for HM members or CM members) and DC/BC methods relevant to climate indicators
(c) Demonstrate the new methods for users of both local and pan-European climate services for the water sector.

Lead: Christiana Photiadou, SMHI