User Needs

Work Package 1

Scientific questions

  • Why can co-development lead to improved quality of climate data in the water sector?
  • What co-development approaches better meet both data quality and user's needs?


In this work package, we will develop advanced feed-back loops along the whole chain of information production in climate services. Our final goal is to better understand users’ needs and provide an improved service through a co-development approach. We will address the research questions (Fig. 1) by interacting with targeted focus groups of users via different methods of collecting experiences. We aim to:

  1. Develop new advanced feed-back loops in climate service co-development
  2. Assess the added value of co-development for the improvement of data quality in climate services for the water sector
  3. Demonstrate the usefulness of new/advanced co-development methods for service providers in the water sector.



Figure 1. Conceptual figure showing how research questions will address co-development of improved quality of climate services and lead to new how-to ‘best-practice’ from the user needs.

Lead: María J. Polo (UCO)