User Needs

Work Package 1

Scientific questions

  • Why can co-development lead to improved quality of climate data in the water sector?
  • What co-development approaches better meet both data quality and user's needs?


In this work package, we will develop advanced interaction with users along the whole chain of information production in CS. Hence, our final goal is to better understand users’ needs and provide an improved service through a co-development approach. We will address the research questions (Fig. 1) by interacting with targeted focus groups of users via different methods of collecting experiences. We aim to:

  1. Develop new advanced feed-back loops in climate service co-development.
  2. Assess the added value of co-development for the improvement of data quality through user needs in CS for the water sector.
  3. Demonstrate the usefulness of new/advanced co-development methods for service providers in the water sector



  • Focus groups. We conducted on-line meetings with different groups of targeted users, whose different perspective of CS should have helped improving the general perception and co-designing implementation alternatives.
  • Web-based forms. We developed on-lines guides, surveys, tutorial in a selected CS to get feedback from users of the service (automatic feed-back loops).
  • “Training experiment”. We compared the trained and non-trained user groups by means of a game where we played and instructed at the same time. The initial user knowledge was evaluated before and after the game experience.

Figure 1. Conceptual figure showing how research questions will address co-development of improved quality of climate services and lead to new how-to ‘best-practice’ from the user needs.

Lead: María J. Polo, Rafael Pimentel (UCO)